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Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

As you walk on this little floating stone called earth pinned down by gravity, all sorts of people will be attracted to you for all sorts of reasons.

Embrace each one, for you are like a bonfire in the middle of the wilderness where travellers on their way to somewhere, or nowhere come to seek refuge.

They see your light shining bright from a distant, and are attracted to it like butterflies to a sunflower.

Some come to seek the warmth of your fire.
Some come to put out your fire.
Some come to help you build a bigger fire.

Those who come to seek warmth, will leave after they’ve had enough and continue their walk perhaps towards the next source of light. Wish them well.

Those who come to extinguish your flame will realize the flame is bigger, brighter, and hotter than they had imagine from a distant. They will scurry off into wilderness where they came from.

Those who come to make your flame bigger, will help you build a raging flame. One that shines so bright it can be seen from the distant horizon.

Those ones are your real friends. Keep them close. Feed the fire together. Make a blazing inextinguishable flame. One that shines even brighter and stretches its hands beyond the horizon. One that will attract more travellers.

It’s cold in the wilderness. It’s lonely. It’s dangerous.

Be the light that others may come to seek warmth.

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