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How to Refocus your Energy on Things that Matter the Most in Your Life

Energy flows where attention goes ~ Tony Robbins

Have you ever gone to bed completely tired like an old dog but then you can’t actually account for what sapped your energy?

My guess is that you must have experienced such days. Everyone has.

The problem is that for some people that’s their daily life. They wake up from bed and go about as if they have got an infinite amount of energy and time to expend.

For example, such people will happily share a three hours conversation with someone they just met while they were heading to the supermarket to get some toilet paper.

Another behavioral pattern that you can observe from such people is that they’re ready to jump into a WhatsApp group conversation at any moment of the day to argue and make their point.

All it takes to draw their attention and hence their time and focus is for some random guy or gal in the group to drop an arbitrary text.

And then they spend the next four hours exchanging messages back and forth like bullets on a battlefield.

At the end of the day, they fall down in bed like dead meat. What a tiring day. They feel lethargic and have no idea why.

I want you to understand that in 24 hours we all have a limited amount of energy.

This energy is replenished whenever we’re sleeping. It’s like plugging a phone on charge.

When you wake up every day, your batteries are fully charged. But, as soon as you open your eyes, the phone is turned on and the battery starts to drain.

Every activity you do from the time your body comes online takes a piece of your energy away.

When you breathe you lose energy. When you text, you lose energy. When you brush your teeth, that’s energy.

It keeps draining whether you want it to or not. That’s the force of mother nature.

Since you can’t fight mother nature just like you can’t fight the force of gravity, it becomes critically important that you make the most of your daily supply of energy.

It starts with you asking yourself a series of questions.

Questions that truly matter. Questions if sincerely answered will provide the pathway to increased daily productivity and focus.

Before you get to the questions, I want you to pick up a pen and paper.

Think carefully and write the answers to these questions on the paper.

1. What is the one thing that takes most of your time every day?

2. Is it really important in your life or future?

3. Does it drive you one inch towards my desired goal?

You’ve got to be brutally honest with yourself. Don’t lie to yourself. Well, you already know it’s impossible to do that. So, think about it for a minute.

What is it that takes up most of your time? School, Instagram, your kids, your friends?

Is it really worth your time? If so, by all means, keep doing what you doing.

Focus more of your energy towards that direction to get the best out of it.

But, if you find out that, you’re spending most of your time on stuff that dries out your limited well of energy, then, it’s time to divert that energy and refocus it towards something you truly care about.

Something that will bring you the most joy and fulfillment.

In fact, something that charges your life battery and not squeezes life out of it.

For example, you might be spending a great deal of your time with negative friends.

All they do is sit around complaining about anything —  the economy, the weather, unemployment, the neighbor’s dog.

You might not be conscious of how much energy and life is sucked out of you when you’re in such a company or environment.

Now, you’ve got a choice.

Choose to redirect your energy by changing the direction of what you focus on every day, or choose to maintain your focus on things that don’t matter.

Understand that you don’t get to choose the consequences of your actions.

You can only choose your actions and then live with the consequences.

Just like you can’t pick one end of a stick without picking the other.

Refocusing your energy and time requires a lot of effort and discipline on your part.

But, here is a simple process you can use to completely change the direction in which your energy flows.

Start by looking for something that excites you the most. I don’t mean Netflix.

Something you know in your inner being is worth your time.

It can be learning how to play a musical instrument. Or maybe starting a new business project?

When you’ve decided what you love to pursue, that becomes your target.

Now shift your attention to that building that new business or that skill every day.

I want you to start small. You can begin by dedicating only 30 minutes every single day to that activity.

As you do that, your focus gets redirected from other mundane activities of your life to that particular important activity.

And as Tony Robbins says, “Energy flows where attention goes”.

Your energy will automatically follow your focus.

If what you’re working on is truly important to you, slowly increase the time you spend on that activity.

Let that activity be the greatest consumer of your daily energy supply.

You’ll realize that at the end of the day, you’ll still be as tired as everybody, but you’ll be happier than everyone else.

I remember how I used to watch Netflix for hours. I’d fall asleep sometimes at 3:00 a.m, sometimes even later.

I’d wake up late in the morning feeling as tired as a worn-out shoe.

Netflix was my attention and focus of the day. It sucked up tremendous amounts of my energy daily.

The worse part of it is that I wasn’t aware of the insidious effect it was having on my life.

I accomplished nothing of value. Every day, I was basically performing the act of breathing not living.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Netflix movies and I still do watch them with extreme discipline.

Most of my attention has been completely redirected to things that I’m passionate about. Things that matter most in my life.

For example, when I’m writing these articles, I feel fulfilled because I know someday someone somewhere around the world will read them and it will positively impact their lives forever.

So, my focus goes to getting more knowledge and honing my writing skills so that I can provide more value to my readers.

I really want you to understand that your future is very important and it’s your number one responsibility to fight for it every single day.

I know you’ve got dreams carved on the wall of your heart.

Your primary goal when you wake up from bed should be to redirect and refocus your energy to point towards your dreams and not away from them.

By doing that, you simultaneously draw energy from some of the useless things that use to take up your time as you now spend less time doing those things and more time doing things you value the most.

The Takeaway

Remember that, whatever you do sucks part of your limited daily supply of energy.

Whether you’re unconsciously breathing or consciously watching La Casa de Papel on Netflix, your batteries are draining.

There’s nothing you can do to stop the process.

But, the only thing you can control is to ensure that whatever drinks your energy is important.

That it truly matters. Maybe your family, maybe your education, maybe your health.

Become aware of the things that consume most of your time during the day. The longer the time, the more energy wasted.

Take advantage of the mornings when your batteries are fully charged and focus on the most important things in your life.

Things that will move you one step towards the future you want to create.

It’s your energy. Use it jealously.


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2 thoughts on “How to Refocus your Energy on Things that Matter the Most in Your Life

  1. Attention is a whole business nowadays. Companies business models focus a lot recently on getting our attention and keeping it. They know so much about us than we can imagine. This is the right time to be in charge

    1. You’re right Enuh. If we can’t be self-discipline and refocus our attention towards things that matter, then our future is bleak. Algorithms are only getting better and smarter.

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