Beltus is an International student academy award winner, international scholar, artificial intelligence researcher, computer science post-graduate student, and a writer at Istanbul Technical University in Turkey.

As a millennial, he’s driven by the conviction that young people have infinite potential, that if unlocked will create an earth-shattering impact in their lives and in society. Through his content, he educates, inspires, and motivates youths around the world to fearlessly chase their dreams and become the best version of themselves.

Artificial Intelligence researcher

Beltus is a post-graduate research scholar at ITU. His research focuses on harnessing the power of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms with Infrared thermography technology to design sophisticated diagnostic systems for the monitoring of mission-critical Data Center Infrastructures. He works with world-class professors and in collaboration with the ITU-Vodafone Future lab. A research lab aimed at developing new technologies for the future in Turkey.


Beltus is one of Africa’s youngest upcoming writers. He is currently writing his very first book that will serve as a guide to students around the world fighting to change their life situation and future through scholarships. Stay tuned for the publishing date.

Award winner

Beltus is the 2020 award winner of the International Student Academy Award Competition for the Best Science Project organized by the Presidency for Turks abroad and Related Communities(YTB) in Turkey. 

His winning project was titled “An Ensemble Deep Learning System for the Automatic Detection of Covid-19 in X-Ray Images”

International Book Reading club founder

Beltus’s vision is to transform the minds of youths around the world one at a time starting from his home-land Africa. He founded an international book reading club that permits young people to develop permanent reading habits. He transformed his mind by ferociously reading great books every day. He is convicted this is the true path to changing lives. He believes that readers are leaders. 

Keynote speaker

Beltus has featured as a keynote speaker at a tech-conference, health-conference, international youth event, and on Royal Afric TV. To invite him for a keynote address  Contact him here.

International youth representative

As an international scholar, Beltus represents his country at international youth events. He is the eye through which others are able to see and experience the rich cultural diversity, breath-taking natural features and delicious cuisines of Cameroon. 

table tennis player

Beltus is a lover of outdoor sports. Over the years, he’s learned how to play football, basketball, and tennis. In 2015, he was the champion of the junior tennis competition at his University. But, among all these exciting games, he became obsessed with table tennis. He plays at different sports complexes around the city of Istanbul and doesn’t miss any opportunity to enjoy the game.


Haven grown up in the grass fields of the North West Region of Cameroon, Beltus inherited the dancing gene of his ancestors. At the sound of African music, every cell of his body starts to vibrate at their natural frequency. He dances his way through pain, sadness, bliss, happiness just like his forefathers.


Beltus speaks five different languages. Three of which are internationally recognized. They are English, French, and Turkish. And, two local languages: Lamnso and Pidgin. 

Beltus's Mission

Beltus’s life mission is to transform the mindsets of youths, especially in Africa and around the world through cutting-edge education in technology and personal development. His aim is to empower the youths with the knowledge that is going to allow them to unlock the hidden greatness within them that has been dimmed by self-limited believes or society.

He aims at helping youths break free from the crippling narrative society has sewn in their minds and to blossom to their fullest potential. 

He believes in the boundless potential of Youths in Africa and around the world. As Barack Obama once said “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for. We’re the change we seek.”

What People are saying

Prof. Behcet Ugur Toreyin

As a faculty member at İTÜ Institute of Informatics, I am extremely honored and privileged that we have Beltus as one of our students here. Good luck with your education and academic career!

Assist Prof. HAmza Salih Erden

I feel lucky that I have Beltus in my research group. He has more than what it takes to be a good researcher. His enthusiasm in his field of study, eagerness to get involved with interdisciplinary subjects, and desire to have an impact are only a few of them. I wish him the best in his life